Behind /// Don't Touch Racing

Trucksport made in Berlin

Behind /// Don't Touch Racing

Renault, Mercedes, MAN, Iveco and Europa...

... 5 keywords, which suggest many things, such as forwarding business, commercial vehicle sales or also commercial vehicle pr.
So did the creation of the Don´t Touch Racing Team!

In 2013, as a guest of Renault Trucks in Most, Czech Republic, Sven Walter was already a sponsor of the Mercedes Team tankpool24 the following year. Because of active cooperation, "healing" was unthinkable. On the contrary, the TruckRace fever solidified.

After leaving the Mercedes Team, SW 2017 supported the top team of this racing series, Team Hahn Racing, with the 4 times European Champion Jochen Hahn for the first time. In addition, a young newcomer team was supported with the SL Trucksport. Here, too, SW was active throughout the season, including in the catering sector.

Familiar with all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of truck racing, the idea of a racing team grew. After a visit to the final race of the English championship at Brands Hatch, SW decided to set up its own team.

A driver and his team were quickly found. After all, one moved long enough in the scene. Week-long meetings, planning and calculations were the result. SW was of course aware that this "hobby" required a detailed business plan.

With the Hahn Racing team, which has been operating for over 20 years, a very experienced partner for the use of a race truck was also found. After all, they didn't just want to be "Olympic", they also wanted to be competitive.
Freshly painted and glued on, the first roll-out on the IVECO test track in ULM took place at the beginning of April, and the first large 3-day test in Most in the Czech Republic was due at the end of April.

The knowledge gained here is now the basis for the start of the 2018 TruckRace season.

Highly motivated, always focused, yet passionately oriented, the team will do its best to create a successful season together with its partners.

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